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Tax Planning & Preparation Services


In recent years, an increasing share of tax burden has fallen on small businesses owners.  Constantly expanding and changing tax laws make it a daunting task to tackle yourself.  Trinity CPA Group can save you time and money, reduce your frustration, and offer you a peace of mind.  We are committed to providing businesses and individuals with the highest quality tax planning and tax return preparation services.  Our goal is to ensure you get all the deductions and credits to which you are entitled to maximize tax savings while focusing on tax compliance to protect your interests.  Our clients may contact us throughout the year with any tax questions at no additional charge.  We also encourage clients to do a mid-year tax review and tax planning session.  


Trinity CPA Group has knowledge and expertise to prepare Federal and all state income tax returns for all businesses and individuals.  Our services focus on the following entities and tax returns:



    C-Corporation (1120)

    S-Corporation (1120S)

LLC (Limited Liability Company):

    Default Multi-Member (1065)

    Disregarded Single-Member (Schd C)   

    C-Corporation (1120)

    S-Corporation (1120S)

Partnership / LLP (1065)

Sole Practitioner / Self-Employed (Schd C)

Individual (1040)